Friday, August 27, 2010

IEP Goals and Objectives

I read an interesting question from a parent regarding IEP Goals and Objectives. Apparently the school told the parent that they would no longer discuss her child's present levels of academic performance (PLP) at the IEP Meeting and she was to review them beforehand. The school said the IEP Meetings were too long and they only wanted to discuss Goals at the meeting.

Here's my question to the school: How can you set IEP Goals if you don't discuss current levels of academic performance? Aren't IEP Goals based on current levels of performance? After all, you need to have a baseline benchmark before setting a goal or an objective to be met.

I can understand that schools need to cut down on the time spent in IEPs but not at the expense of the child's best interests. And it also makes sense to give parents a clear reason to read and understand the meeting ideas before beginning the meeting. A little better communication would probably solve many issues regarding IEPs.

Parents should understand that they are part of the IEP Team and they have as much say as any other member of the team.