Monday, June 14, 2010

Understanding Learning Disabilities

To be successful with an IEP, it is extremely important to understand the nature of the learning disability in question to put in place appropriate accommodations and modifications as well as a focused plan.

Many disabilities are genetic so one of the parents may have an understanding of the difficulties their child is facing in school. But most of the time, one or both of the parents have no idea what it's like for their child to live with a learning disability. And for that matter, many of the teachers don't have a grasp either.

In 1989, Richard D. Lavoie held the F.A.T. City Workshop and produced a ground-breaking video, "How Difficult Can This Be," that simulates for parents, teachers, and specialists what it is like to live with a learning disability.

Every parent or teacher should be familiar with this video that takes Understanding Learning Disabilities to a level we can all appreciate.

More information about the video can be found here: