Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Plans for Children With Learning Disabilities

It's summer and the kids are out of school. If your child has a learning disability it's time for a much deserved break for their over-worked brain.

But don't let them slack too much. Most schools have a summer reading program with one or two books the kids are required to read over the break at home. Make sure your son or daughter reads a few pages every day so they aren't rushing to complete them the last week before school starts.

Reading will keep their brain "lubricated" and in shape throughout the summer. But what else can you do?

Exercise is great for the brain. Don't let them spend all day on the computer or playing video games. Make it mandatory that they get some form of exercise every day.

Find a learning disability center in your area and see if they offer a summer program. Many have programs that are for an hour or two each day. With the extra free time, this is a great time to work on the learning disability using a program that isn't offered at school.

Get a digital camera (still or video) and have them document their summer. It will exercise the brain but it won't seem like work. Kids pick these things up easily and it's great for creativity. At the end of the summer they can put it all together in a digital scrapbook or an edited video.

Most of all, enjoy your summer!