Monday, February 14, 2011

Educational Summer Camps

It's still the middle of Winter and most areas of the country are buried under snow. Spring Break hasn't even started yet but it's not too early to begin thinking about summer vacation...more specifically Educational Summer Camps.

The Great Schools website offers some good ideas for keeping kids in mental shape while off from school in the summer. With so many school districts cutting budgets for the important things like the arts and physical movement, there are plenty of places to make up for the lost resources - and summer is a great time to catch up. You made need to plan early as some programs are limited and fill up quickly.

Kids need a balance all year long and there are plenty of Learning Disability Activities that can be done throughout the school year to keep them in shape both mentally and physically. But during the summer, they lose the daily routine that school provides so it's important to fill that need and keep their brains sharp.

To read the full article about educational summer camps and activities, visit the Great Schools website here.