Monday, December 20, 2010

Ten Best Children's Museum Lists - Great For Kids on Holiday Vacation

What's a parent to do with bored kids home for a few weeks from school on winter holiday vacation?

Chances are, the weather isn't great and you probably don't want them tracking in a day's worth of wetness when you're planning for a family dinner soon.

It's tempting to let them hang out on a computer or TV but after a few days they'll soon be a bit restless and their brains and bodies need something more stimulating.

Why not send them off to a museum for a day? There are plenty of them around and although many are free, even the ones with paid admissions aren't too spendy.



Google "The 10 Best Children's Museums" and you'll come up with plenty of suggestions. has their 10 Best Children's Museums list. has a similar list with their 10 Best Children's Museums. takes it even further with their list of the Top 50 Children's Museums.

There are plenty of museums out there for kids and they're not too bad for parents either. Most of them don't allow cameras in sensitive areas but take one along anyway as you'll find plenty of things you can shoot. And when you get home, have the kids put together a slideshow on the computer to show what they did on vacation.