Tuesday, September 28, 2010

McDonalds Nutrition - Good News?

McDonalds Nutrition. Seriously? Well, maybe. The healthy menu options are better than the regular menu items and there are actually some pretty decent choices. The Apple Dippers and Fruit ‘n Yogurt Parfait have been around for a while and they continually add new salad offerings.
Years ago when most parents today were still kids, none of the fast food restos had over-sized fries and drinks - it was just a burger, small fries and a small drink. Today, the over-sized menu items translate into over-sized Americans - kids and adults alike.
A little moderation goes a long way, and that holds true for diet AND exercise. We can all use it, but it's especially true for kids with learning disabilities.
A child that struggles in school has a brain that works overtime just to keep up with listening or taking notes. Doing both at the same time can be overwhelming and exhausts the brain, which is why these kids are so tired when they get home from school.
So it's important for these kids to get good nutrition to fuel the brain and a healthy dose of exercise to maintain the brain. McDonalds healthy menu options combined with a McDonalds PlayPlace just may be a winning combination. Find out more at the Easy IEP Help website...